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Brief Introduction of GMCC
  Tianjin Global Magnetic Card Co., Ltd (GMCC) is one of the 520 national key enterprises in China , an approved card manufacturer of China unionpay, an appointed supplier of state organs. GMCC is a member of the International Card Manufacturer Association (ICMA), a certified card manufacturer of MasterCard International, the registered supplier of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and one of the manufacturers of 2 nd -generation Citizen ID card who was certified by Ministry of Public Security. On December 6 1993, the stock of GMCC was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, it became the first public card manufacturer in China . GMCC was considered as one of the fastest developing and the most promising enterprises by the global magazine Fortune and crowned the 100 top Electronic Information Enterprises by Information Industry Ministry of China in2002.
  GMCC is engaged in card production, relative implement and application system, securities printing and packing productions. Our company became the first company who passed the ISO 9001 certification in the card industry. Now our company has expanded the scope of business into electronic information, fine chemical industry, biology engineering etc. fields. A multi-industry, international and high-technology industry structure has been constructed.
  In card manufacture, GMCC developed and produced the first magnetic stripe card in China, which was known as “ The First Card in the Divine Land ” . Now our company sets up a development mode which combines the network, system integration, implement and card manufacture. Our card production is widely applied in finance, insurance, medicine, transportation and communication industries.
  Our production enjoys high reputation both in home market and international market. Especially card production has exported to more than 40 countries and regions that includes Japan , India , Pakistan , USA , Canada , Russia , Australia , Holland , Mexico and UAE. Our company also set up subsidiary and office in Singapore , Japan , Thailand , Kazakstan , Azerbaijan and HongKong in order to build international sales net.
  In the field of commercial print, our company equipped the world-class commercial paper, securities, anti-counterfeit bill and package printing production lines. We own the latest design and plate-making services: offset plate, flexography plate, intaglio plate and silk screen plate, especially, in the aspect of offset manufacturing, our company has high-class equipment and the expert of designing and anti-counterfeit technique, which is the largest offset manufacturing centre. Our securities, pack and printing production are connecting with world. The orders from overseas customers are increasing every year.
  Our company dedicates to national information construction, and we can get some share in the field of system integration. Since 1999, ort company set our foot in Public Transport Fare Collection System, the card reader/writer and fare collection system has successfully been introduced to more than 70 cities in China , such as Tianjin , Chongqing , Hangzhou , Zhengzhou , Urumchi, Mudanjiang , Wenzhou and Nanjing etc.
  In order to support the information construction of nation social insurance system — The Golden Insurance Engineering, our company set up a Social Insurance Department, which provided high professional and easily operational software solution program of Social Insurance System for the field of Social Insurance. In Hainan Province, our company successfully installed “ Temporary Population IC card Management System ” and “ Public Traffic Control IC Card Information System ” . Thereinto the “ Public Traffic Control IC Card Information System ” was selected national key engineer by Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
  Welcome the friends from all spheres to enquire and co-operate with us for further development!

Tianjin Global Magnetic Card Co., Ltd (GMCC) is one of the 520 national key enterprises in China , an approved card manufacturer of China unionpay, an appointed supplier of state organs.

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